Dave’s Pizza Patio and Garage Room

Dave’s Pizza Garage can be the venue of your next event. We have a function room called the “Garage Room” which can seat up to $35 people. It is perfect for any celebration or function or even a big group dinner with family and friends.

You can enquire by calling us of fill the form below and we will get back to you.

    Function Room Enquiry
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    4. When is your event?
    5. Number of people?
    6. Comments or Questions

      Non-refundable deposit of $100-$400 must be made to reserve the room. The deposit will be returned in the
      form of a gift certificate to Dave’s Pizza Garage at checkout that can be used for your event or a future
      engagement. Any parties with a total bill less than $100 will forfeit the deposit. A cancellation will also forfeit
      the deposit. If party does not arrive promptly at set time, the reservation will be voided after 15 minutes and
      considered a cancellation wherein deposit will be forfeited.
      – $15 Corkage Fee for any outside bottles of wine or champagne
      – $15 Cake Fee for any outside dessert
      – $100 Clean Up Fee for any excessive clean up i.e. glitter/confetti/decorations/excessive mess
      ***Parties, of any size, are subject to 18% gratuity. Parties with separate checks are also subject to 18%
      All reservations are subject to availability.